Tips In Buying A Golf Ball

Did you know that close to 5000 designs have been developed, approved and patented since the 1990s ? its no wonder then that it is one of the most artfully designed items in the field of sports.

With so many options to choose from, choosing a suitable golf all is indeed a golf player’s nightmare.

Because of the multiplicity of player types, the designers have also tried to develop different designs of balls which can suit each player, so that maximum fun can be derived from the game, as well as increase the possibility of a par.

Structure of a golf ball

1. Two-piece balls, also called ‘distance balls’ by the players are made up of material that is hard and immune to cuts. They are known for their ‘distance’. The inner of these balls are tight and can be made of different materials. The distance a ball can travel is decided by how hard the inner is. It is a fact though that these balls lack the ability to spin, and it is difficult to manage these two-piece balls, because of its limited ability to spin.

2. For better feel and ability to spin, three-piece golf balls are ideal. They are made only for this purpose. The outer softer coat or Balata covers a tight inside. There is a fabric layer that occupies the space between the outer cover and the core. This lessens or softens the blow of the club on the ball. Though this gives the ball a better feel and spin, the areas of compromise are longevity and the distance.

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3. When you want an all-purpose ball, go for balls which multi-layered. These balls consist of a lasting, soft cover which contains many layers of thin materials and a vastly improved inner core. This makes the ball good in all respects.

Choosing the right ball for you :

1. Novices and players with high handicap who are most likely to hit the ball wrongly, should go for two-piece golf balls which has a Surlyn coat since these balls last longer, cheap and come with the ‘distance’ advantages.

2. Golf balls with three-piece structure with Elastomer or Balata outer cover are good for mid handicap players. These balls are capable of ‘ swing speeds’ and do not make any compromise on the distance aspect.

3. Experienced golf players should choose multi-layered balls. Since these players are low handicap and have good ‘swing speeds’ they can get the advantage of distance, feel as well as good spins.

Much like other equipment required to play golf, getting the right ball for you would require a lot of trial and error till you hit the right choice. But do not refrain from playing this enjoyable game – you will definitely get to the most perfect choice of ball in no time.