How To Choose Golf Clubs That Has Grip Suit You The Most

The most important factor that can affect to the quality of your play and affect to the distance of your shot and the accuracy is the size of grip. If you are a golfer who are looking for the set of golf club that has grip that most suit to your play, this article may be useful to you.

Nowadays, golf clubs that being sold in many of golf equipment shops, particularly in Asian country, usually has smaller grip than ones that being sold in western or Europe . This is just because they are designed to fit the hand size of Asian people who usually has smaller hand size than European people.

However, the golf clubs that has larger grip mostly available for professionals. This type of golf clubs also usually has harder iron stalk.

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Why is that?

The answer is likely relate to the principle of physics, that is, small-sized hand grip will help golfer to grab the golf club by using the left hand firmly. As a result of this principle, golfer will be able to swing at the highest speed, which means more distance of the ball as well as be able to open during follow through and release a lot easier than using clubs that has larger hand grip.

However, large-sized hand grip bring the advantage of control, which I have always mentioned to my students that the good golfer must practice to do the shot that has both power and accuracy. Therefore, you can see that the size of hand grip really matter to the quality of your swing and overall performance and this is the fact that can’t be ignored.

Please do not judge the quality of golf clubs o its brand or self conclude that this brand drive far more than any brands. So now I will suggest the best way to try and see whether hand grips suit to you, which , mean it will give the equilibrium between the power with maximum accuracy or generally called Distance VS. Control.

Try to grab the grip by using left hand, slice hand up and down to find the position that your hand fit the grip the most (if you are a right handed person) not too tight, (which means this grip is too big for you) or too loose (which means this grip is too small for you) and if the fit position not lower than 1 inch from the club’s base, that is, you find the club that suit to you.