Golf Training Gloves

Why use golf training gloves? That’s a good question and I suppose it depends on a couple of factors. An old friend of mine is a golf pro in Hawaii and he has been touting golf training gloves for ever. If your main concern is to go out and get a little exercise on the golf course on a beautiful day, then golf training gloves may not be necessary. However, if you are like the millions of golfers who would like to improve their game, the twenty to fifty dollars spent on golf training gloves is well spent.

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Golf is like other sports in that there is a social function and a sporting function both operating at the same time. People’s focus shifts from one to the other, rarely is there a balance that produces a quality performance. It hardly matters if the social aspects produce the desired effect of fun, relaxation and a chance to get in the game. Fitness and training are promoted over and over again. To be fit is to be strong enough to play the game, with breath sufficient to walk the distance and enough conscious will to make it through when the going gets a little rough. There‘s also a role that luck plays in the process. But even with luck it’s been said that it is 80% receptivity and fitness. I think the idea is that when you are fit, you can be ready to capitalize on good opportunities as they arise.

If performance training is in your frame of reference, then golf training gloves should be considered along with all the other training aids on the market. Some have to do with a particular training philosophy while others deal with specific swing or stance elements. Some are just a marketing ploy. If you look at golf from with a wide view, it is easily discerned that the hands, arms and shoulders play a big role. Golf training gloves deal with connective relationship between the hands and the wrists with the arms and shoulders. With most golf training gloves, you actually wear only one glove on the opposite hand (if you’re right handed, you use a left hand glove). Through varied design means, the glove directs the wrist action, helping it to conform properly. Golf training gloves promote an overall better swing, more direction control and improved game. The price for golf training gloves is initially steep, but when compared to shoes or clubs – the cost in minimal. Give it a try and swing away!