Finding A Golf Driver

There are many gadgets that can help you play a better game of golf. If you are having difficulty getting the timing of your swing correct, buying a golf metronome can help. With sound of the metronome, you will be able to time your swing with the rhythm. This is a great device to use for improving your overall swing, putting, and other physical movements. It can also keep you calm when playing, which will also improve your game. Another device to use if a scorekeeper that can help you keep track of your score without having to stop to calculate it every few holes. This will also you to stay focused on the game.

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If you cannot play a round due to weather, work, or other events, virtual golf games allow you to feel like you are playing a round without you having to leave your living room. With virtual golf, you can swing, position the ball, gauge weather conditions, and much more. While this is not exactly like the real thing, it is pretty close. Some virtual golf games include plastic clubs that you can use to simulate your clubs.

In addition to golf gadgets, there are clothing and other golf accessories that you can purchase that will enhance your game or just make it a little more fun. Accessories include golf caps, club protectors, gloves, and tees. You can also choose from a wide range of clubs, balls, and bags that allow you to show off your personality on the course.

No matter if you are a beginner golfer or if you are an experienced one, having the right golf equipment can make any game even better. Since golf has increased in popularity, there are many shops, online stores, and catalogues, and other venues for you to find the latest golf equipment and accessories. Whether shopping for yourself or for a friend, you will have a wide variety of items to choose from that can improve your game or just make it more enjoyable.

Golf Tips: Choosing A Driver

The irons weigh from 14½ ounces for the No. 2 to 16½ for the No. 9. Sand wedges will go up to 17½.

Shafts of clubs are graded in three types, flexible, medium, and stiff. Most of the bigger, stronger pros use the stiff shaft. The medium shaft is for the average player. The flexible is generally considered best for players of more advanced age and for women. It is best suited for a slow swing. The limber-ness of a shaft is known to the manufacturers as shaft deflection.

We have heard a great deal, for years, about swing weight. The term is tossed about so loosely, in fact, that few players have much of an idea what it is. Swing weight indicates the distribution of the weight of a club. It is the proportion of the weight in the head compared to the shaft and the grip. Swing weights are listed from C—0 to D—9.

But a D—9, for instance, doesn’t mean that 9 ounces of a club weighing 13% ounces are in the head. D—9 is merely one of the calibrations on what is known as a lorythmic swinging weight scale.

A D—9 is no club for the average player to use, either. It is what Arnold Palmer and many of the other pros use, and it is for a strong, fast swinger. For the average player the ideal swing weight is from D—1 to D—4. For women the range is from C—4 to C—6.

In a general sense, the more you “feel” the head of the club when you waggle it or swing it, the higher the swing weight. You have often heard players say, and no doubt you have said it yourself, when handling a new club, “Feels like a lot of head in this.” What you are feeling is the swing weight.

You could be fooled, of course, by the shaft. A medium swing weight, for instance, in a club with a flexible shaft, would feel like a very high swing weight. You would “feel” an inordinate amount of head when you swung it. In fact, with a club like this, you would have a very difficult time developing a decent swing at all. But the manufacturers have taken care of this. They do not put out clubs with high swing weights on flexible shafts. In men’s clubs the swing weights for a flexible shaft are D—0 and D—1. For medium shafts they are D—1 to D—4. For stiff shafts they are D—4 to D-9.
Which Clubs to Carry

Since the USGA permits the carrying of fourteen clubs, it would be difficult to persuade the average golfer that he shouldn’t take full advantage of the rule. He would not be happy, indeed he would feel himself laboring under a handicap, carrying fewer than the rule allows. So, which ones should they be?

From the conventional set of three woods, nine irons, a sand wedge, and a putter, the average player should drop the No. 1 iron and the No. 2 wood. For these he should substitute the No. 4 wood and a pitching wedge. The No. 2 wood and the No. 1 iron, with their relatively straight faces, are the hardest clubs of all to use. Many pros dispense with the No. 2 wood, the old brassie, though most of them carry a No. 1 iron, mostly for use off a tee. If the pros cannot use them effectively, what chance does a 16-handicapper have to make them behave?

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It is also a fact that most golfers find a lofted wood easier to handle than a long iron. This seems to be specially true as the player grows older. If you are one of these, and do not want to or cannot take the time to master the longer irons, then drop out the No. 2 and pick up a No. 5 wood.

Generally speaking, we recommend the carrying of a driver, Nos. 3 and 4 woods, Nos. 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, and 9 irons, a pitching wedge, a sand wedge, and a putter.

There are some to whom the No. 1 wood, the driver, seems to be a special type of poison. There is no logical reason for this. Anybody who can hit a 3 wood, or any other wood, off the fairway has more than enough ability to hit a teed-up ball with a driver. If you hook or slice so badly with the driver that you are afraid to play it, something is radically wrong with your swing.

The average driver can weighs 13¼ to 13½ ounces and is 43 inches long, measured from the base of the heel to the tip of the shaft. The other woods are shorter by about a half inch with each number. The No. 2 iron is about 38% to 38⅝ inches, and the others drop about 7/16 of an inch each, down to the No. 9.

Modern Golf Drivers – Hitting Farther

A month before our big golf tournament this summer my partner made me go out and buy a modern 460cc driver. He said it would help my game and help the team. Being a team player, I bought the new driver and took it to the driving range and quickly learned a few things. I had a hard time consistently hitting the ball, but when I got a solid hit, the ball went farther and I had more control. I made a few calls, got some advise, came back to the range, practiced what I learned and then thoroughly enjoyed the club all summer. Here are the three things I learned that helped me hit the ball and increased my distance off the tee.

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1) Tee the ball up higher.
With the larger head modern driver you need to tee the ball much higher than you are used to with your old driver. Use three inch tees and set the ball up so the top of the driver is about one third of the way up the ball. Halfway up the ball for the old driver and one third up for the modern driver. Because the ball is higher off the ground you will need to move back from the ball an inch or two to keep from hitting the heel side of the club face. In your normal position the ball will be at the heel of the club. Experiment moving away from the ball an inch, hit the ball, look at the ball mark on your club face. Continue to adjust until the ball marks are generally centered on the club face.

2) Hit the ball on the upswing.
With every other club in the bag, except your putter, you hit the ball on the down swing. At least you should. With the modern driver you hit the ball on the upswing.

3) Move the ball farther forward.
Move the ball forward, toward the target, in your stance to insure hitting the ball on the upswing. I used to play the ball off my left heel and now I play it just left of my left big toe. Depending on your stance, you may need to move the ball even farther left of your left foot. You need to move the ball up so the club hits the ball on the upswing.

If you want an enjoyable driving experience, get one of these modern golf drivers, use these tips and drive the ball farther with more control.


A Golf Career Can Turn Your Passion Into A Lifestyle

A golf career sounds like an exciting and glamorous dream to many who love the sport. However, it is more accessible than you may believe. According to a 2005 study by Golf Digest, there are over 35,000 golf courses currently operating worldwide, over half located in the United States. This translates into a booming job market filled with exciting golf careers of every description. You may not be the next Tiger Woods, but many golf jobs are open to those of varying levels of skills and a wide variety of professional interests. Here is what you need to know to make your dream a reality.

Types of Golf Careers

You may never have given much thought to all of the available golf-related job titles. Here are just a few popular and in-demand career positions available at golf resorts:

Golf Professional: If you love to play and are good at the sport, this might be the position for you. You can build a career track, starting as an assistant and working your way to the top. Of course, you must be a highly skilled player for this career choice.

Marketing and Sales: Golf is big business, and resorts compete heavily to draw in customers. If you have marketing education and experience, you may want to take your skills into an industry that you truly love.

Course Design: Each new golf course must have its own unique hook to draw in players. If you have engineering and architectural expertise along with a passion for golf, it is possible to combine the two in a career as a golf course designer.

Golf Course Superintendent: If you have a passion for landscaping and maintenance, and a desire to pioneer new environmentally friendly means of course maintenance, consider a career as a golf course superintendent.

Golf Management: Qualified managers are always in demand at golf resorts around the world. If you have what it takes, you can work your way up to a highly profitable career.

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Education and Experience Requirements

Traditionally, golf jobs have not had specific educational requirements beyond those that are expected for the specific position (computer science education for an IT job, for example). Experienced golf players with a passion for the sport were hired and trained on the job. It is still quite possible to begin a golf career this way. However, if you want to make yourself more competitive in the field, you may want to consider a golf degree. A two or four year specialized degree will give you an edge over other competitors for available jobs.

A Golf Career for a Non-Player

If you love the sport but do not play, you can still find a great career in golf. Many of the available jobs required specialized knowledge and training in other fields, from marketing to telecommunications. Attending a golf academy in a management program can familiarize you with how the sport is played, adding additional knowledge to your repertoire and making you a more competitive candidate. Ultimately, however, it will be your personal skill set, combined with your passion for the sport, which will lead you to the perfect career.

If you love golf but never thought you could find a career in the field, now is the perfect time to explore golf career options. Golf has become big business, and thousands of professionals from a wide variety of fields are necessary to make the golf industry a success. Even if your playing skills are less than stellar, you may find a golf career that is perfect for you.

A Career On The Course: Golf Employment

In all areas of our lives we are constantly searching for something that brings us both peace and joy. If we are lucky enough to be able to find those characteristics in our nine-to-five job, then we are beyond lucky. Those who have investigated that large world of golf employment have found that it doesn’t need to be only a dream.

Nearly anyone, no matter what skill level you have could have a rewarding career in the golf industry. One of the main reasons that many people do not pursue the dream of a career on the course is that they believe the field is limited. In fact, since many people share this view there are many placements available.

And since golf is booming at such an incredible rate lately, there are bound to be careers in golf for decades to come.

If you are reading this article, you have probably already considered golf employment. However, you may have been discouraged because your handicap isn’t where you want it to be or your game on the green isn’t top notch. But what many people are finally realizing is that almost anyone can have a rewarding career in golf.

The first thing most people think about when hearing golf employment is a golf instructor. Although this can be a lucrative job in the field, it is certainly only a small percentage of the golf employment industry. There are groundskeepers, golf course owners, managers, pro shop employees, golf manufacturers and of course, professional golfers. And this is only the beginning of the list.

If you have noticed that golf is your passion and that you want it to play a bigger part in your own life, then you need to focus your goals. A wonderful way to do this is by attending a golf school or golf academy.

These types of institutions will show you how to improve your personal game as well as how to capitalize on the ever-growing industry. You will learn the tricks of the trade and complete the course with the ability to work in a variety of different golf industries. And you will also have the newly acquired skill to keep your reputation.

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As with most industries, it might take awhile before figuring out which part of the game interests you the most. But once you have worked in a variety of different areas you will gain enough knowledge to create the perfect career for yourself. Many avid golfers who never dreamt of being able to escape their normal job are living happier lives with careers in the golf industry.

If you happen to be blessed with enormous golfing talent then the golf employment field you may be most interested in would be golf instructing. Being a golf instructor allows you the freedom of being on the course most of the day. You will learn more about your own game as you help others improve theirs.

However, if you plan on becoming a golf instructor you will need to have patience. It can be a very rewarding career but there are bound to be some frustrations.

That is why it is a good idea to immerse oneself in the field as much as possible before deciding on a specific career route. The golf industry continues to flourish so it’s time you got your own career on the course.

A Budding Golfers Guide To A Good Pair Of Golf Shoes

Golf is a low impact sport that is normally for leisure. But playing the greens can be psychologically intensive as it can be physically demanding. Golf is normally played by professionals and executives to unwind and take time off from the hassle and bustle of the corporate world. But for some who indulge in the sport, it can be an activity where they can make or break business deals.

Golf has been a man’s game, with all that metal involved. These are the equipments that can bring out the wolf amongst the sheep. It can be the determining factor on how serious of a golfer you are. Packing in iron and wood clubs that have titanium shafts really show that you’re in the game.

Budding golfers tend to focus more on the clubs, spending time researching and reading about it before they buy, but not really giving an equal amount of importance on golf shoes. Golf shoes are there not just for the looks of it, it also has its functions. The most sellable pair can be those worn by a sports celebrity endorser because golfers only took a couple of minutes to decide what to buy. A rather uncanny way of selecting something that could help you shave a few strokes off the game.

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Playing golf for 3 to 5 hours a game, walking miles and miles of uneven terrain and exposing oneself to the blazing sun can be exhausting and painful to the feet. These factors can contribute to fatigue and may alter your swing form. It is advisable to wear golf shoes that have a half inch allowance on the toes so the foot won’t be cramped inside. Wearing a pair that has a bigger allowance can tip you off form since your feet are not thoroughly fastened. Normally good golf shoes are tight on the mid and rear foot section since this is where the balance comes from. Having worn the wrong type of shoes in playing golf can lead to injury since rubber shoes that are for running and cross training can be slippery on a wet turf and may cause the golfer to slip on the follow through. Some golf courses don’t allow these shoes for it can damage the green due to its spikes.

It is important to wear golf shoes that are soft so the feet won’t get swollen after playing the full 18 holes. Another thing to consider would be if the shoes are waterproof as golf is an outdoor sport and it might rain in the middle of the game. For beginners, it can be good to wear cleats with the shoes to provide more grip to the turf for that needed balance when swinging especially if the turf is wet. But cleats can destroy the greens and the fairways so the better the golfer gets the less likely he will need the cleats.

A Better Golf Swing Is Inevitable

A better golf swing is inevitable…for any golfer, with the right approach. It doesn’t matter age or ability. It’s a reality…and can happen very quickly!

To achieve a better golf swing, a golfer needs to realize just how physically demanding it is on the human body. You are swing an object (golf club) at up to 100 mph. This puts a tremendous amount of pressure on the joints, tendons, ligaments and muscles.

If these tissues of the body are weak, tight or brittle they will rupture and eliminate you from playing golf indefinitely. If it doesn’t, your performance will pay the price. The outcome either way is not what you want…but will happen without an emphasis on strengthening these areas.

Along with strengthening comes stretching. Stretching muscles to attain a better golf swing is common among most golfers. Although it is common, most golfers don’t stretch. Why? Because it is viewed as ‘work’. But if it were viewed as a form of golf improvement it would be a different story.

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Swing mechanics cannot be improved if your golf specific strength and flexibility are ignored. It is an impossibility, unless you compensate for this lack of capabilities in your golf swing. Teaching pros are now starting to realize there is a definite connection between golf swing mechanics and fitness.

But that’s where the BIG gap is. Between instruction and physical fitness. This is the ultimate combination for total golf performance and I have been preaching it for several years now. When your physical capabilities are improved, your golf swing mechanics become much easier to achieve.

The next time you visit your teaching pro, to achieve a better golf swing, you’ll be able to do what he/she wants and the desired outcome will be achieved. This outcome is inevitable when you get your body moving better. Your golf swing mechanics fall into place.

It will only be a matter of time when all golfers will approach their golf improvement this way. It’s the only way that will warrant lasting results and ultimately a better golf swing.

A Bad Golfer & Comon Mistake You Will Find Every Time

Fascinatingly enough a bad golfer is consistent enough with his/her consistent mistakes and poor play, that it promotes even more bad golf and frustration.

Actually a bad golfer ignores or is unaware of what has to be the single most important aspect of the golf swing. This is the setup or positioning before the swing.

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It does not matter how good your swing is and how much correct technique you have used. If you do not pay attention to your swing, you are a bad golfer and it will clearly show when you have hit the ball.

All great golfers are aware of how important the setup is and you can be sure that many bad golfers are not. If you setup correctly for a shot, chances are extremely high that you will hit a good shot. So important is your setup that even if you swing poorly in a good setup position, you are bound to at least hit a reasonable shot.

A good setup will enable you achieve a good posture and the sort of balance that will help you maintain balance and inevitably control throughout the shot.

The correct setup comes with correct training and even more important; exercising and conditioning of the muscles you use in your entire body for the swing. A bad golfer will more often than not be the sort of person who does not do golf-specific exercises aimed at improving their golf. The result is that they will not even be able to tell the difference between a good setup position and a bad one, simply because they will tend to feel uncomfortable in both.

It is amazing but true that all it takes to move you swiftly to the ranks of a good golfer from amongst the majority of bad golfers is a simple exercise routine, most of which you can even do from your office while you work.

25 Lanzarote Attractions – Teguise Golf

Before telling you about my particular day out at Teguise Golf, the more avid golfers amongst you will probably want to know what views they can expect to see and the technical stuff that goes with playing golf. For me it was simply a great opportunity to spend a morning with a former work colleague (Colin) and his son (David) as they were staying in a neighbouring villa on La Goleta, part of the wider Faro Park Development.

The course runs along the side of an old volcano (no surprise there given Lanzarote’s landscape) and has inspirational views of volcanic lava, cacti and over includes over 3,000 palm trees and has superb views of the Atlantic Ocean throughout. A Golf course such as this one, is quite simply, in my opinion, nature at its best. César Manrique, the man who taught the people of Lanzarote to care for their natural habitat has clearly left his influence everywhere. If you are a Golf ‘anorak’, you might also want to read the next paragraph of technical data ? If you’re not, simply skip over it.

The course measures 6041m (White) ; 5582m (Yellow) ; 5289m (Blue) ; and 4938m (Red). Generally, visitors play off the blue tees. The Slope Rating of the course is 127 (White) ; 127 (Yellow) ; 130 (Blue) ; and 124 (Red)
We played off Blue Tees. The course measures 5289 Metres (5791 Yards for the non converts) and is a Par 72 course.

I’ve since found out that the course was designed by British landscape architect John Harris and built in 1978. It is a truly a fantastic course, not only because of its design but also thanks to the excellent condition in which it is kept all year round and at Easter (April 2006), it was in superb condition. Given its location, it benefits from a warm and pleasant climate all year round, tempered only by sea breezes from the island’s almost constant trade winds. The course is designed to be smooth yet varied. It has more than your average number of doglegs, designed to test your ability (or lack of it) and allows you to bring all your clubs into play. It will test everyone from scratch players to those of us with more modest ability.

Address : Avenida del Golf, s/n. 35509 Costa Teguise (Lanzarote).
Telephone : (00 34) 928 59 05 12
Fax : (00 34) 928 59 23 37

The Following services can be found at the Club – Club hire, trolleys, buggies, driving range, pro-shop and club storage. There are separate male and female changing rooms and you can hire lockers. There is a Bar and Restaurant. The restaurant offers a varied menu, based on Mediterranean cuisine.

The prices vary according to season. In the “Summer” months (1st June to 30th September) it costs 53 Euros (for 18 Holes) and 36 Euros (for 9 Holes after 4pm). In the “Winter” (we played in Winter and it was scorching !), it costs 65 Euros (18 Holes) and 52 Euros (9 Holes after 3pm). The Course has discount agreements with most of the hotels on the island, so check at your hotel, or check out a nearby hotel if you’re in private accommodation as you can often get a better deal than this by doing so.

And so, to our day out. We planned to set off at 7am from our ‘home’ in Playa Blanca (the idea being not to spoil the day for others and ‘Brownie Points’ for everyone !.

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There was to be four of playing, but that quickly became three when Gary (“The Rainman”) decided he was on holiday and was not coming to Golf at 7am (given that he left the British Open on Faro Park at midnight the night before (to prepare for golf), I was very surprised to get the “Dear John “ text first thing in the morning. Gary’s nickname is a long story, but basically when its cold he wants it hot and when it’s hot he prays for rain (and usually gets it, so I’m not that keen on going on holiday with him !)

The three of us (Colin, a work colleague, his son David and yours truly) set off around 7:30am and we drove along the LZ-2 and then headed towards San Bartholme and then into Costa Teguise (avoiding Arrecife !)
When we arrived we were told it was members day (Saturday !) and that they had no tee times for 3 hours. A quick bit of lateral thinking later, we asked if we could play 10-18 and then get a Tee time for 1-9 which they agreed to (something you’d almost expect them to suggest in the UK, so ask if you need to)

We decided we’d have a ‘friendly’ game of singles (if there is such a thing) – Loser buys the beers at the 19th hole.

We played stableford, off full handicaps (you’ll need them). To cut along story short (ish), Colin was ‘flying’, I was struggling to even stay in touch and David, well David was having a bad day (it’s just as well he hired his clubs !). Colin was five points in front with five to play before he decided to show us his impression of “Devon Loch” (he’s the horse that collapsed of exhaustion 50 yards from the finishing line in the 1956 Grand National when leading by 20 lengths !)

Going up the 18th Colin was one behind (but I did not rub it in, honest) !

Colin tells me his wife Jackie really enjoyed her first trip to the island and that they may return. I’m sure if we ever go ‘into combat’ again, David will have been the range beforehand to shake off the cobwebs and Colin will make sure that he does not sprint when it’s a marathon.

Me, well I had my day !

Utility Golf Cart Uses

Utility golf carts can be used in a variety of ways other than a trip around the back 9. For example, golf carts can be used whenever a need for transportation arises. Whether or not you are patrolling a large area or the quick trip between movie sets, the use of utility golf carts are infinite.

Many models of golf carts are available. One of the most primitive is the small personal cart, which typically has a single seat with a basket attached to the front. These are designed to help aid the elderly in getting around during their daily activities.

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A contrasting to the previously mentioned golf cart are the multi-seat, four wheel drive, or even the carts that have trailers behind them.

Utility golf carts are commonly found at the workplace. These are utilized in large workplaces to cover alot of ground in minimal amounts of time. Mutli-seat carts are ideal in this situation in that many people can be moved from one place to another in a short amount of time.

Besides usage in the workplace, utility golf carts can be used on the homefront. For example, my grandfather owned many acres of land. The older he got in age, the more difficult it was for him to tend to all of his land on foot. The utility golf cart he owned aided him in getting from one end of his property to the other with ease. With the golf cart he was capable of getting where he needed to go.

Golf Carts Provide Optimal Golfing Enjoyment

Looking for a gas powered, electric or a pull cart? Golf carts are essential in helping you get around the course. In order to make the most of your time management skills you want a vehicle like custom golf carts or a dureable pull cart to help you carry your equipment. Ez-go golf carts along with yamaha are well known in the golfing world and often come in electric or gas powered models. Depending on what you are seeking, some players enjoy the value of used golf carts as often they are priced a little more affordable. Golf carts are an absolute necessity for those more challenged terrain courses.

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There are many advantages when using golf carts. These include the ability to carry your clubs, snacks, beverages and stay drier in poor weather conditions with all weather enclosure features. Custom golf carts are very stylish. You can create the ideal image or machine that suits your needs. Lots of consumers taylor make their own vehicles. Quite often the popular choice are used golf carts. The availability is absolutely amazing. The features that these machines come out with is truly endless. You can easily customize your golf cart to match your personality.

Golf carts are the ideal utility for the avid golfer. Take advantage of custom golf carts as they allow you to design your ideal vehicle. Ez-go, Yamaha, Club car are all top name brands. You can either review new sources or used golf carts. The convenience factor is worth looking at. Just imagine the benefits that come with a great utility cart buggy. We understand that many consumers have different needs, and an endless list of golf cart accessories is usually not too much farther than a click away. Improve your game enjoyment with the added convenience of your very own golf cart.

Where To Find Info On Vintage Golf Carts Online

Vintage golf carts are unique and sometimes can seem to be a rarity. However, there are quite a few that exist mainly due to two reasons. Either the owner has taken great care of them over time, or a vintage golf cart enthusiast has restored it.

Although it may seem difficult, parts for vintage golf carts can be located online.  This may well be true – in fact it appears to be near impossible to find anywhere else online! There are many sites are listed as sources for vintage golf cart parts, but almost all of them refer to this one.

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A wealth of information can be found on this site. Not only is it a catalog, but it contains various information about vintage golf carts and manufacturers. Club Car. Cushman, E-Z-GO. Harley Davidson, Marketeer/Westinghouse, Melex Pargo, Taylor-Dunn, Yamaha and the Miscellaneous section. Pictures and a summary of the history can be found listed for each manufacturer. There is even wiring diagram details and a guide for serial numbers.

Vintage golf cart pictures, articles and advertisements can easily be found in the museum gallery on the site. For the vintage golf cart enthusiast, there is even a classified section to help you locate parts for your vintage golf cart.

If you have a question about a vintage golf cart or vintage golf cart parts, a support section is available to assist you. You can either call them on the phone or email them. No purchase is required for this support, which is a nice feature that is offered by the site.

If you need a quick repsonse regarding vintage golf carts, an online forum may be of use to you. A plethora of manufacturer specific forums plus tips and tricks and ‘Ask the Cartfixer’. While it is not limited to vintage golf carts, there are discussions about them and it is frequented by knowledgeable golf cart enthusiasts.

Using the above mentioned resources, you too, can become an avid vintage golf cart enthusiast. Whether you are looking to restore your own golf cart, or purchase one already restored, the internet can provide you with the information you need for vintage golf carts.

Golf Carts: An Evolution On The Golf Course

At one point in time, the use of a golf cart was something only the somewhat wealthy could enjoy on a golf course. Those who were not able to afford the use of a golf cart often found themselves hauling their clubs over their shoulder as they walked the golf course. Well, times have changed.

Golf carts are now the standard at almost all golf courses throughout the country. Very seldom do golfers carry their clubs over their shoulder anymore. Unfortunately, some recreational golfers like to treat the course golf cart like a toy rather than a purposeful mode of transportation. Often times, you can witness wreckless behavior exchanged between recreational golfers and the use of their golf carts. However, this is one minor annoyance as a result of the golf cart gaining popularity.

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Typically, golf carts are available for rent from the course clubhouse. Most golfers take advantage of this service. An alternative, if you have the money, would be to buy your own golf cart. However, this is costly, but you will not need to pay rent for a golf cart whenever you go to the course.

Golf carts are available for purchase either new or used. New golf carts can be purchased from anywhere from about $4000 to $11,000 dollars. Many factors attribute to the cost, such as model, seating capacity, and any additional options that may be available. There are two types of golf cart engines, gas engine or electric engine.

An alternative to new golf carts would be to purchase a used golf cart. Used golf carts are alot cheaper than new ones, and typically you can find a sufficient golf cart for less than $3000. Buying a used golf cart can be alot like buying a used car. You will need to thoroughly inspect it inside and out. Make sure to ask the owner any questions you may have about the golf cart. Always make sure to take it for a test drive before committing to a purchase.

Invest In A Golf Cart And Save Your Energy For The Game

If you’ve been playing golf for a while, you know that your golf bag can get quite heavy after just a few holes. While the heaviness of the golf bag isn’t enough to keep you from getting out on the green, it does wear on you and you’ll find that you are tired after the end of a day of golf. One of the best ways to prevent fatigue after a great game of golf is to invest in a golf cart also known as a golf trolley. These awesome little contraptions can help you maneuver your golf bag and gear from hole to hole allowing you to concentrate on your game.

A golf trolley may not be an ideal investment for golfers that only get out on the course once a year, but if you play even a couple times a month you’ll find that a golf caddy is one of the best investments you’ll ever make where your golf game is considered. While carrying your golf bag isn’t the end of the world and doesn’t require extreme strength, many avid golfers simply find that the extra fatigue after 12 or 18 holes simply isn’t worth it because it does detract from their concentration as well as their accuracy. If you’ve noticed this, you should definitely look into a golf cart of some kind. There is a golf caddy for everyone, no matter where they play or how often.

There are several types of golf carts for you to choose from. There are electric or motorized golf cart options, golf pull cart options, and even a golf caddy that is controlled with a remote so that your clubs are carried throughout the course literally hands free. How much you play will really depend on what type of golf cart is for you, but with a wide selection out there every golf player will find something that is right for him or herself.

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One of the best golf carts currently offered is the Golf Caddy X2. The X2 golf caddy is an electric cart that will help you guide your golf gear through the courses very simply and easily. You don’t have to worry about the X2 tearing up the green or being too noisy and disturbing other golfers. This is a high quality electric golf cart that will allow you to enjoy your golf game all that much more. The price of the X2 is right around $500.00 which isn’t all that bad if you consider all that it will do for you and how much easier your golf game has just become.

If you are really looking for a state of the art electric golf trolley, you should definitely look into the remote control golf caddy known as the Caddy X3R. This is an awesome golf bag cart that will allow you to truly move your golf gear from hole to hole with very little effort. A push of the button on the tiny remote that will fit easily into your pocket will have your cart guided right to you. Again, this is not a noisy or destructive golf caddy, so you will be allowed to use it on the greens if need be. This extremely upscale golf caddy can be purchased for right about $800.00, which is impressive for the technology it offers.

If you don’t golf often enough to spend much on a golf cart, you can always opt for a golf pull cart. This is simply a cart on two wheels that will make guiding your golf gear from hole to hole much easier. There will be no shoulder fatigue as you maneuver around the course; you simply have to pull your golf bag along with you.

Golf Carts: Great For Golf, But What About All The Other Uses?

When most people think golf carts they think of a buggy that takes a golfer and his golf clubs around the course. And that’s a fair assumption seeing that is what they were originally produced for. But in this day and age there are other uses apart from the obvious.

Many large companies with many warehouses or factories also find a need for golf carts. Traveling to and fro between buildings is made easier and faster when using a golf buggy. These little buggies are not only convenient but also can be very useful along with the fact that they can be affordable.

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You will find many manufacturers that produce these golf carts in either a manual push and pull, electric or gas version. Some can carry passengers as well as a golf bag.And for the people who like to be a little different there are companies that make custom versions to satisfy that individual need.

You don’t have to have a custom version to be a little different as you can just add some ATV wheels to make yours stand out from the others if that is what you wish.

If you are a fanatic golfer or just an occasional golfer then golf carts are still a great way to get around that 9 or 18 hole course. Of course you can purchase your own or you have the option of hiring one as well. Many courses have them for hire for reasonable prices but there may not always be one available. So if you don’t like disappointments then perhaps you should consider buying one.

A good idea is to check out the many online manufacturers that make reliable and affordable golf carts for you to choose from before making any rash decision.

Remember, whether you are a golfer or you just need the cart for convenience and versatility in your business or home you will find a wide range to choose from on the web.

8 Types Of Golf Course Jobs For Career-bound Individuals

Many golf enthusiasts decide not to pursue a career in the field because they are afraid there are not enough jobs available. However, the golf industry is quite large, and with such a variety of possible positions that no one who has chosen golf as a career need fear unemployment or underemployment. The possible positions listed below represent golf course jobs, only a small slice of what is available in the golf industry.

Golf course training and instruction: Golf is an incredibly popular sport, which means that there is always a wealth of aspiring golfers seeking instruction. Many golf courses keep several instructors on staff. Providing training right there on the golf course means convenience for customers, more money for the golf course, and, of course, more jobs for professional golf experts.

Clubhouse food service crew and management: One of the types of golf course jobs that no one ever thinks of is food service. However, restaurant-quality food and drink is often the cornerstone of a golf course clubhouse, as it offers refreshment and creates a comfortable atmosphere. Golf course jobs focused around clubhouse food service include the kitchen’s crew, chefs, wait staff, and management.

Grounds care: The entire existence of a golf course is dependent on the condition of the grounds. Therefore, some of the most important golf course jobs are related to grounds care. Chemical technicians handle the fertilization and other chemical care of the grass, while irrigation specialists ensure that the grass is well watered. A turf manager or groundskeeper oversees all of the grounds care personnel.

Equipment operation and maintenance: The daily business of running a golf course requires the use and maintenance of many pieces of equipment. Golf course jobs usually include equipment operators, who are overseen by an equipment manager. A maintenance team, including crewman and a maintenance manager, keep the equipment in good working order and handle maintenance scheduling.

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Golf merchandise sales and store management: A merchandise store is another important facet of any thriving golf course and clubhouse. An on-site store provides a convenient place for members to purchase equipment and clothing. Personnel needed to run the store usually includes sales associates and at least one manager.

Human Resources personnel: As you are no doubt beginning to see, a successful golf course represents a coming together of many different employees. As with any such workplace, a successful golf course usually includes a team of Human Resources personnel. These professionals handle tasks such as the hiring of new employees for available golf course jobs.

Public Relations or advertising personnel: As a thriving business, many golf courses must also manage a great deal of public relations interactions, such as advertising. Golf course jobs therefore include positions to handle the writing of advertisements and video scripts, the photographing of the grounds for colorful ads, and a spokesperson to handle all communications with the press.

Golf course management and ownership: A golf course is a well-oiled machine, but in order for all the moving parts to remain in good working order, there needs to be a manager to oversee it all. The manager may also be the golf course owner in some cases.

As you can see, there are many golf course jobs available. The careers described here are only the tip of the iceberg. The golf industry also includes areas such as pro golfing, tour planning and management, and luxury golf resorts. With the range of positions available throughout the industry, no one trained for a golf career need ever worry about not being able to find a job.

Keys To Selecting The Right Golf School

There are many criteria to selecting the school that is worthy of the investment, and this is not an exhaustive list. However, consider these to get you focused on what is important to you.

Key #1) Golfing style
As with any topic or subject matter to learn, golf can be played in many styles. Most of them based on your personality and skill level. Some play aggressively, others, like me, more conservatively. But ultimately you have to choose a school or instructor that matches you.

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Your skills, your personality, your style.

Key #2) Problem areas
I have trouble with slicing. Consistently I find that my shots slice to the right. You, to be sure, have at least one issue with your game or specific shots. You may want to find a school to address and help correct that shortcoming. If you come back from a long weekend and your slice has vanished, you would have had time (and money) well spent.

Key #3) Instructor to class-size ratio
This is a personal preference item. Some people learn in a group setting (even craze the interaction). Others of you need the attention that a one or two person class offers. It may also depend on what you are trying to gain from the school which one you actually choose.

Key #4) Price
For some this may not be an issue. Golf is your life and no amount of money is too much if you improve your game, and thus your enjoyment. For others, big obstacle. If you are considering a golf school then you know that most start above $1500. There are some “big name” instructors offering half day lessons for $10,000.

You know your budget. If you are price sensitive then, by all means, do not forget to add in travel, lodging, and food costs. Many times these “incidentals” can double the overall cost.

Key #5) Proximity
What is your traveling distance? Is your schedule tight so slipping off within 100 miles for a half day lesson is all you can squeeze. Or, are you planning your school around a vacation so distance is not really an issue. One plus of keeping tabs on those schools “in your own backyard” is when these offer last-minute specials you can jump on those quickly.

Key #6) Length of training
How long can you take off from your profession to pursue your passion? Like any good consultant would answer, it depends. It depends on whether you are looking for a long weekend, a one day seminar, or wrapping a vacation around your training. This is an important factor in choosing a school so compare wisely.

5 Traits Of A Good Golf Instructor

With the increasingly popularity of golf, the demand to fill related careers is also on the rise. Many amateur golfers turn to a golf instructor to help them develop their techniques, so teaching golf is a viable career choice for many golf enthusiasts. Teaching golf isn’t for everyone, though. See if you have what it takes to make your living as a golf instructor.

You know everything (or almost everything) there is to know about golf. You have to know a subject extremely well if you are going to be able to teach it. Although you may be counting on having only beginning students whose knowledge of the sport is next to nil, you will most likely have intermediate and advanced students too, and they will look to you to help them hone their skills. Before you pursue a career as a golf instructor, ask yourself honestly if you have enough expertise on the sport to assume the role of an expert.

You’ve played golf, taught golf, and/or worked in other areas of the industry. Part of knowing golf is playing it regularly. If you don’t play golf regularly, you probably don’t have what it takes to teach the sport. Also, it is very helpful if you have previously taught golf or worked in the industry. If you have, you are more likely to know a lot about it. Remember, as a golf instructor you are sending the message that you are an expert on the sport, so make sure you know your golf before you take the job.

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You know the techniques and theories of teaching. Simply knowing a lot about a subject does not mean you will be a competent teacher. If you don’t believe this, think back on how many teachers you had in school that were really knowledgeable, but still failed to inspire their students. In order to be an effective golf instructor, you must understand basic teaching techniques. After all, you will need to be able to communicate with students of every skill level, from the most bumbling beginners to the most assured intermediate and advanced students.

Your supply of patience runs exceptionally deep. Patience ought to be a prerequisite for any teaching job. Any time you are trying to teach knowledge or skills to someone who has next to no clue what they are doing, you are bound to run into a multitude of frustrations. A golf instructor who does not have a deep well of patience is likely to feel overwhelmed by stress and frustration every time he or she has a lesson with a truly clueless golfer.

You truly love the game of golf. You would think that a true appreciation for the game of golf would be a given for anyone looking for a job as a golf instructor, but that isn’t always the case. Other features of the job may attract prospective instructors: the flexibility of the hours and scheduling, a laid-back work atmosphere, or the nontraditional aspect of the job. However, if you don’t feel passionately about the sport you intend to teach, you will not last very long. A good golf instructor needs to be able to eat, drink, and breathe golf without getting sick of it.

Being a golf instructor may sound like an easy, fun job, but it takes a special kind of person to fill those shoes. A successful golf instructor needs to have not just one or a few of these characteristics, but all of them. Knowledge, experience, skill, patience, and passion are all necessary ingredients in the formation of an expert.

Tips On Choosing The Best Golf Sunglasses

One thing that is often overlooked by golfers is finding the right pair of golf sunglasses. Finding the best golf sunglasses for you is very important for ensuring optimal vision and achieving your top game.

* Polarization – The most important factor in choosing the best golf sunglasses for you should be how much of the suns harmful UV rays they block. Ideally the best golf sunglasses will block out 100% of the UV rays without limiting your vision. Most manufactures will rate how much UV rays they block with a nanometer chart. The higher the nanometer rating the better.

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* Weight- The second most crucial factor in choosing the best golf sunglasses is the weight. Having a bulky pair of golf sunglasses can shift too much or even fall off when swinging a club, completely distracting your focus. These days there is an abundance of golf sunglasses made out of technologically advanced lightweight materials. The best golf sunglasses should be so light you barely notice them on your face.

* Style- This factor may be at the top of the list for some in choosing the best golf sunglasses for them. After all, impressing the drink cart girls with your sense of style is pretty important. Some guys can pull off just about any look, but when shopping for the best golf sunglasses you should try a lot of different models on to make sure you don’t choose a style that doesn’t work for you. In finding the best golf sunglasses you will want to find which frame type and lens shape fits your face the best.

* Price – Although some golfers spend enough money to feed a small village on golf gear, obtaining the best golf sunglasses for you doesn’t have to break the bank. Surprisingly, some of the best golf sunglasses we’ve come across are some of the most economically priced.

* Where to buy- Typically golfing sunglasses can be overpriced at country club supply shops.

Keys For Your Success In Playing Golf

1. Always use same swing pose every time you shift the ball from sand bunker.

Every time you have to shift the ball from the sand bunker, always use same swing pose, then adjust only the position of the ball, and also consider to adjust the weight of down swing whether it should be harder or lighter, in order to estimate the distance to the target. Unless you are in the really difficult situation such as the ball sinks into the sand , or in any circumstances that normal approaches could not be applied, then will use special techniques. Normally, the factor use to decide how deep the sand you should dig into is depends on individual experience in sand bunker shifting, but the basic approach is addressing openly , keep the putter floating a bit above the sand, then swing down to the same line where you are addressing. It is also useful to keep in mind that you should hit the ball on the left and slices from outside reach in and the power must come from the upper part of the body while your feet buried into the sand and do not be afraid to hit the sand.

2. Your swing must be smooth and continuous.

There are so many people who see a friend can drive far more than oneself , then try to follow his approach by trying to use as much power as they can , as a result , they won’t be able to control the ball’s direction. The one of important thing for golfer is to maintain equilibrium between the body and the swing and keep it stable. Up swing with gentleness , not fast and jerk, then transfer the weight to right leg, when down swing, transfer the weight down to your hip while your eyes still watch at the ball , and hit the ball to the desired direction. The most important thing is you must maintain your position the speed of the swing at the same level every time.

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3. When shifting…the head must be still.

One important cause that affect to the changing direction of the ball is tottering head when shifting , which will change the balance of your body. Therefore, to do effective shifting you must keep your head still and stable throughout the process. the basic approach when doing shift is stand open, lay the ball close to the right leg, maintain the weight to the left leg, hold the grip in short figure and do the stroke like when you are putting. About which size of putter should be used is really depends on individual experience and expertise. You should get much training enough to decide which size of putter suit you the most.

4. When up swing, make sure that your left shoulder aligned with the right foot.

Address in correct posture when up swing will bring the most effective and powerful to the hit. You must always remember that when up swing turn left shoulder to align with the right leg. This pose will draw the power from muscles between the shoulder and the waist while full speed of the swing being generated. The enough and proper training will develop you swing very quickly.

5. Find the focal point where the putter hit the ball.

The technique that many pros use to find the proper focus to hit the ball is to keep putter a bit away from the ball and leave the small gap between the ball and the putter. This gap will allow you to know where the putter will hit the ball, as a result, you can decide the right focus.

Ways To Beat The Long Hitter

1. Hit it straight
Nothing gets inside a long hitters head faster then a fairway hitting opponent. Chances are the long hitter is not the most accurate driver of the golf ball, keep the heat on by hitting the fairway as much as possible. If you have to use a hybrid club or a iron off the tee to keep the ball in the fairway, the mental edge of hitting the fairway outweighs the loss of distance.

2. Hit the green
Most of if not all of the time you will be hitting first, keep the heat on by hitting the green If he knows you are looking at birdie putts all day, it starts to wear on him

3. Have a good short game
The short game is the true equalizer on the golf course. If you have a sharp short game you can compete against any golfer on the planet.

4. Ignore his distance
Accept the fact the he hits the ball 50 to 60 yards past you. If you accept the fact that distance doesn’t matter, you will have another psychological advantage. What difference does it make if he is hitting a pitching wedge and you are hitting a 7 iron for your second shot? Golf is all about getting the ball in the hole in the fewest strokes, not how you got the ball in the fewest strokes.

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When you are playing a match against a long hitter, and lets face it, with the technology in golf clubs, golf balls, strength training and nutrition, guys are hitting the ball 300 plus yards on a regular basis. The fact still remains that when you are on the golf course you are walking (or riding) with a bag of tools. It is just a matter of using the right tool for task at hand. Does it really matter what club it takes you to hit a golf ball 150 yards? Weather it’s a 6, 7,8 or 9 iron should not matter to you, and your opponents club selection should be the last thing from your mind during a match.

The pride of the long hitters game is hitting it long, so the fact that you can compete with him without having to hit the 300 yard drives is already a advantage in your favor if you choose to look at it that way. As a short hitter you should focus on keeping the pressure on as much as possible.

The Joy Of A Golf Cart

You are going to love to read this article in search of some valuable instruction in the mystery of the perfect golf cart. But I doubt you are going to find what you are expecting. What I am going to do is give you some advice that will hopefully help you in your game but more in the head game than in the physical part of the game. I want to in the next few paragraphs talk about three truisms that will hopefully put you at ease, steel your confidence, and allow you to play up to your ability. The three areas are rhythm, routine, and consistency.

When I talk about rhythm in relation to the golf cart I mean pace of cart play AND peace in your thought. Most people have heard of the evils of hurrying a cart or of deceleration, but what about rushing your mental game or losing your concentration. First have this one swing thought in mind as you step to the ball—“smooth carts produce better rides, I don’t have to drive slowly.” This allows you to have something for your mind to latch onto in that critical moment as you stand over the ball in front of your cart. It is easy to produce and isn’t complicated or distracting.

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Secondly you need to have a routine. The golf course is not the place to be thinking about the mechanics of curing your slice or cutting or drawing the ball. You have to be concentrated on the best type of shot to hit, NOT how to hit it. All of that work should be done on the range. Routine refers to the natural sequence of events that goes into envisioning the shot that you want to hit, selecting the club, and choosing the golf cart that you will use to get yourself around the course. The routine is very much a part of the rhythm of your game and allows you to find a level of “been there, done that” comfort that is so helpful to your confidence.

The last thing is consistency, and this requires discipline and time. The mechanics of the golf cart are important, sure, but the consistency of the cart is ten times more important. If you have a natural slice but you know how to use is and can trust that it is going to go in a certain way you are way better off than if you hit the ball straight 80% of the time and don’t know what is going to happen the other 20%. You can also trust your cart to get you to your shots even when they are in the deep rough.

So instead of filling your mind with all the intricacies of the newest hybrid carts and trying to always have the best, find your natural fit in a golf cart and make it consistent. Then work on the part of the game that has a lot more to do with your score, the head game, and finding the calming and confidence building influences of rhythm and routine.

Golf Carts Not Just For The Golf Course Anymore

In the market for a used golf cart? Did you know that they’re not just for driving around the course anymore? You can use them to haul yard gear and transport gardening supplies and tools. They can also be utilized simply as a way to get from point A to point B if you’ve got a large piece of property or just need a little assistance getting around. Also, a used golf cart can be a big help if you’re a family who likes to travel. They’re great to have on camping trips for tooling around the grounds, or getting to the store, showers and swimming hole. And of course, they still make your golfing experience more enjoyable when cruising around the course instead of walking, especially on those warm days.

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Used golf carts are available in electric or gas power and range in price from around $1,500 to higher end versions priced at around $4,000 depending on the extras you choose. There’s also lots of online companies that also sell reconditioned carts for an even more economical approach.

Another money-saving tactic is that if you’re mechanically inclined and have an old golf cart that may be out of commission due to worn out or broken parts, you can purchase a wide variety of replacement parts, either aftermarket, used, refurbished or new, from an online dealer.

One new and fun aspect of owning a used golf cart these days is that you can also get them custom painted! There are companies that will airbrush your name, boat name, or even a cartoon character or favorite scene and most places just need a picture or sketch of your idea to create original artwork for your cart which will make it uniquely yours!

What about cart stretching? Instead of purchasing a larger cart, this concept involves cutting an existing 2-seater golf cart in half and then combining it with another to ‘stretch’ your seating and space availability. It can also increase the safety and comfort of your passengers which is always a good idea.

Additionally, if you’ve got a used golf cart, or are planning on purchasing one and it may not come exactly the way you wanted, there’s lots of accessories and updates you can add to it. Some of these include heaters with 12 to 48 voltage capabilities that plug right into the cart’s power outlet. You can order custom-made seats in your choice of upholstery and color, a new canopy or even different floor mats.

Look around online to see all of the many options that are available to you. For all its uses, a used golf cart is a functional and fun way to get things done.

Custom Golf Carts

Customized golf clubs, customized golf balls, handcrafted (and of course customized) knitted sweater, customizing is a well-heeled man’s hobby, or habit.

But why stop only with these. What about a custom golf cart. Now that’s an idea. You can design that old cart into a hot rod you always wanted complete with a Jacuzzi and a wine bar. Ok I’m kidding on the last part.

Custom golf carts are long in the sports ground. They have been the result (or victim) of somebody else’s creativity or lack of. Some do make use of golf carts to advertise and earn a hefty deal. Some also make it a showcase of status and success. Here are the better dealers of custom golf carts who also offer personalizing services to the carts you own.

Strech Plastics, Inc.
900 E. John Street, Suite J
Banning, CA 92220
Call: 1-800-752-6799

Strech Plastics, Inc operates in Banning, California. Strech Plastics, Inc is the oldest industry dealing with golf cart accessories. Starting as a spare parts dealer, Strech Plastics has expanded since with over 50,000 square feet of workspace to operate as machine shop, welding shop, roto mold shop, window shop and a CNC and vacuum form shop, and with two assembly facilities.

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Strech Plastic does indeed offer a specialized and professional custom golf carts service. Customization in billet accessories, steering wheel, dash cover, wheel or tires, the company has it and is very much qualified to do it.

Check their custom golf carts gallery; the selection speaks of skill, artistry, and cool concept:

LA Concept Car
Call: 941-358-0440.

LA Concept Cars have been in the custom golf carts business for over 10 years. They provide highest quality parts and accessories for custom golf carts with best prices. Suffice to say they know all about custom golf carts and how to innovate one. How about Hummers as custom golf carts? Or better yet, a Buick Lucerne?
98-1277 Kaahumanu St.
Suite #152 Aiea, HI 96701
Call Toll Free: 866-77-CARTS

A dedicated site selling custom golf carts, has the most extensive selection on the market. But that’s not all of their services. If a customer doesn’t want any of the designs in their selection, all they have to do is design and send the specifications to them.

Diversified Golf Cars
5501 Commerce Drive, Suite 104
Orlando, Florida 32839
Call: 407-851-9353 or FAX: 407-851-5911

Diversified Golf Cars is Custom Golf Carts, enough said. Since 1978, this company had been a renowned distributor of parts and accessories of golf carts and also an industry that offers personalizing services to golf carts. The best part of Diversified Golf Cars is the price, with products manufactured in house and cutting off middlemen.

Golf Cart Batteries, Proper Care And Maintenance

Golf cart batteries are not the same type of battery that is in your automobile. If you own your own golf cart you will soon learn the ins and outs of golf cart battery maintenance and care. Depending on the size and make of your golf cart you may have between 4 and 8 golf cart batteries in your golf cart. Golf cart batteries are designed to be deep cycle batteries this means that they can be discharged to a lower voltage without damage to their cores. Golf cart batteries require special care.

All golf cart batteries come in 6 volts but are designed to work in either a 12 or 24 volt system. Connecting two 6 volt batteries in series will provide 12 volts that can be used in a 12 volt system. A golf cart batteries power is not measured in volts but in amps. The more the amps a battery can provide in a given amount of time, usually in hours, the more powerful the battery. If your golf cart uses 50 amps per hour at half speed and your combined battery amperage is 400 amp hours you theoretically could run the golf cart for 8 hours before the battery was totally discharged. However golf cart batteries will not provide the full amount of power (amperage) that they are rated for. This is because as you use the batteries power its voltage level drops below the 12 volts that is required by the golf carts motors. Once this happens, golf cart performance declines until the motors will not respond. Then you will have to recharge your golf cart battery.

A golf cart battery is charged by using a battery charger that changes the chemical composition within the battery. This charging process is not efficient and as such with each charging cycle the battery will hold less of a charge. In addition golf cart batteries that are deeply discharged have a shorter life span then batteries that experience only shallow discharge cycles. Quality golf cart batteries will have higher number of discharge cycles available then the cheaper models. The larger number of cycles the longer the battery life. Golf cart batteries must be charged correctly to achieve top battery efficiency. A good battery charger will automatically charge the battery to a high voltage for a prolonged period to return the golf carts batteries to the proper chemistry. This is very important to prolonging the life of your golf cart battery.

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Properly maintaining your golf cart batteries will also prolong their life. Probably the number one problem that the golf cart owner will have with their golf cart batteries is not maintaining proper water levels in each battery cell. As you charge your battery it will begin to boil out water (hydrogen gas) as part of reversing the sulfide process. This water will need to be replaced on a regular basis with distilled water. Failure to keep battery fluids at optimum levels will shorten the life of your battery significantly. Basically the more you charge your battery the more often you need to add water to your golf cart batteries.

Keeping your golf cart batteries terminals clean is also very important. Clean terminals will allow the efficient flow of current from your golf cart batteries to your golf cart motors which will help them operate efficiently. Even more importantly it will allow the battery charger to correctly measure the condition of the battery so that a proper charging cycle can be applied. Again a properly maintained golf cart battery will last longer.

A properly maintianed golf cart battery will last you considerably longer than one that is neglected. Nothing is worse than climbing into your golf cart ready to play good round of golf and finding your golf cart batteries are dead. Take care of your golf cart batteries and they will take care of you.

Now You Can Have Fully Equipped Golf Carts With These Accessories

Many golf carts on the market do not come with everything you may want, so it is understandable that you may want to go shopping for some golf cart accessories to help you get everything that you want from your golf cart. It may be easier to shop for gold cart accessories if you know exactly what is out there and if you know precisely what you want to increase your golf cart comfort.

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What Golf Carts Usually Come With

Most golf carts are pretty simple – they may come with devices to hold your golf bags securely in place. That is pretty basic. They may also have a cup holder, and the better models may come with a radio, but beyond that you should not expect any fancy accessories unless you are buying a top of the line golf cart. Keeping it basic may make it more affordable for many golfers. But what about those who may desire some more comfort at an additional price?

What Golf Cart Accessories are Available

No matter what comes with the golf carts in the first place, there are several golf cart accessories that are available to you. First of all, you can find several golf cart accessories at many different stores. You can find items to better hold your golf bag. Most of the carts just come with hooks to hold your bag, but you can buy stronger hooks and better locks so that your bag will not get jostled or fall off of the cart. You can also buy ball holders, and ball cleaners, as well that can be attached to your golf cart. And if you need something really unique and customized, there is a goof chance you can special order that as well.

Some of the nicest accessories available include MP3 players, CD players, headphones, drink coolers, and ergonomically designed seat covers that keep you comfortable while you are riding. That’s a lot of comfort. Certainly quite befitting for such a popular sport.

Budget Conscious; What are the Benefits of Repowering a Utility Golf Cart with a Kohler Engine?

These days, maintaining a fleet of golf carts and utility vehicles is more likely to be a matter of topping up battery cells than checking spark plugs and mixing fuel and oil. The vast majority of golf carts sold in the past decade or so has been electric. Electric golf carts, goes the traditional wisdom, are cheaper to maintain, easier to manage and less trouble in the long run than the models powered by small gas engines.

Despite the popularity of electric golf carts, however, most pros agree that there are some jobs that require the power of a good gas engine. It’s not unusual for most course fleets to include at least a few gas golf carts that have been converted to utility vehicles for hauling and other purposes. What do you do when the motor on one of those starts to go?

It used to be easy to replace those with a used utility or golf cart when the engine started to go – but not anymore. Used and rebuilt gas-powered golf carts are rare – and replacing them with a new gas-powered cart could run you between $12,000 and $20,000.

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The solution is simple. Don’t replace – repower. The decision to repower a utility vehicle that you currently own rather than replacing it with a new vehicle makes sound sense in a number of ways.

1. By repowering a vehicle that you own, you extend the useful life of that vehicle or piece of equipment. There’s no need to scrap a perfectly good piece of equipment that just needs a bit of a boost in the engine department.
2. Repowering a vehicle with a new motor can expand its usefulness. You can turn an old golf cart into an all-purpose hauler or plow by fitting it with a more powerful engine.
3. You get a new warranty for your new upgraded engine. Depending on the dealer, you may find a Kohler engine repower kit that contains all you need to upgrade and includes a two-year warranty, or a Honda small engine to replace one that’s on its last legs, with a warranty for parts for up to two years.
4. A repower Kohler engine or other small engine could save you money on fuel, especially if you upgrade to a cleaner burning fuel. And it will certainly be kinder to the environment.
5. Speaking of kinder to the environment, check your state’s grants and proposals web site if you’re considering replacing old motor equipment. Many states offer substantial incentives if you choose to repower a high-emissions piece of equipment with a lower-emissions engine. The same holds true if you choose to refit an engine with after-market parts to reduce its emissions. In some cases, you can even apply for a reimbursement grant that will pay for a repower engine or the refit parts, along with any parts needed to fit the new engine into your tractor or utility vehicle.
6. If your new repower engine does need repair, it will be far easier to get parts for a current engine than for an older model. Spare parts support is yet another reason to upgrade your engine with a repower.

Repowering is also an excellent way to update your greens-keeping equipment. Little has changed in the business end of mowers, rakers and other turfcare equipment. Why replace a piece of equipment that’s in virtually excellent condition when a repower kit will upgrade it and keep it running in tiptop shape for years to come? Kohler makes repower kits for Toro, Jacobsen, Club Car and Cushman turf care equipment. Each kit comes with everything you need to drop a new engine into your trusted machine and update it to perfect working order.

Clubs To Bring To A Golf Club

As you become a more experienced golfer, you will find some clubs feel better when golfing than others. While golf clubs are different for each golfer, once you find your favorites, you won’t want to use too many others. It seems that many golfers either use irons or woods when golfing. While both can provide distance, they are different in that your posture and strength do matter in order for the ball to land where you want it to. Even though golfers will carry a full set of clubs with them when playing, they will usually only use two or three clubs for the entire game.

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For many golfers, woods are easier to use because they weigh less. While there is only a subtle difference between a golf wood and an iron, when making those critical shots, it is important to use the club that makes you feel the most comfortable. When practicing, you should try both types to see which you prefer. While some golfers do not have a preference, most will only use irons or woods. Ask your instructor for more input when it comes to choosing which club to use. There are many factors that go into choosing the right club.

Factors that include the type of course, the weather, personal preference, where the ball is located, and obstacles that are to be faced. Sometimes a shorter shot is needed in order to be successful. Using a wedge is the only way to achieve this. Other times, a longer shot is needed to reach the green. Woods and irons can be used for distances up to two-hundred and fifty feet in most cases. How strong the golfer is and how much force they put behind the club can also determine how far the ball will travel.

Once you have practiced with both types of clubs, you will naturally find ones that are better for your game than others. While you should keep experimenting with different clubs, having a better understanding of what each club can do for you will help you improve your golf game. For many people, golfing is filled with challenges that keep the game interesting. Since no two courses are the same, you may need to use different clubs in order to score well. Sometimes limiting your game to one or two clubs is not the best as you may miss out on opportunities to improve your score if you took a chance and used a different club.